UK Gov Innovation Clusters Map

Statement from the Secretary of State for Science, Innovation, and Technology, Michelle Donelan, on the Innovation Clusters Map. https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/introducing-the-innovation-clusters-map This is the interactive map https://www.innovationclusters.dsit.gov.uk


Difference between innovation in Defence and private sector

Saw this interesting post on LinkedIn about the tensions between Defence (albeit he is talking from a US perspective and Silicon Valley) and the private sector when it comes to innovation culture, and trying to bring it from the hipster startup businesses to the more formal structured organisations within Defence.


Fareham Innovation Centre. Talking to Anna Bravington, innovation director.

My little side project of taking my Park Life video series on the road has finally begun. The aim is to leave my base at the Dorset Innovation Park and drive around the UK to visit other innovation centres, science parks, technology hubs and business clusters to find out their approach to innovation and building the community. My first visit was to the Fareham Innovation […]


Bournemouth to Cheltenham and long (wrong) way home

I headed off from our office at the Dorset Innovation Park to the NCP Brewery Quarter, with a good amount of charge as it would have been 100% at home with the Guessometer reading of just under 300 miles. That section was 133 miles. If I did the same return path, through Salisbury, getting home would have been 96 miles. Even with the lights on […]


CyNam – Cyber Security Cluster in Cheltenham

Whilst this might not have been my first trip as part of my Park Life on Tour series, as I only popped in for a couple of hours and didn’t record any interviews, it’s probably more like the Prologue stage of the Tour de France, as in the bit before the real start. I will be now know as the guy from X-Net that drove […]


EV – Bournemouth to Bristol North

My first blog entry about my electric car journey but I’ve cheated as I didn’t even visit an innovation park or did I need to charge. This is such a long way from using my 2012 Nissan Leaf. That car’s battery has degraded so much that I only get a realistic 40 miles max driving to work from Southbourne to the Dorset Innovation Park, which […]