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What makes an innovation district work?

This is a LinkedIn post that I wanted to share. Shame I can’t embed. The reason for sharing is that it asks the question of does the strategy of building innovation districts work and what does it rely on for a successful outcome?


Charlotte Smith from CyNam explains CyberFirst

We speak to Charlotte Smith, who is the Skills Growth Lead for CyNam, who are also part of the consortium to deliver CyberFirst for the South West. Charlotte explains in more details the CyberFirst Schools initiative from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)  – a part of GCHQ.


UK Innovation Strategy, GOV UK doc

O Innovation, Innovation, wherefore art thou Innovation. The four pillars of this Government’s strategy, although it could change tomorrow. Pillar 1: Unleashing Business – We will fuel businesses who want to innovate. Pillar 2: People – We will make the UK the most exciting place for innovation talent. Pillar 3: Institutions & Places – We will ensure our research, development and innovation institutions serve […]


Interview with Mike Sewart, CTO of QinetiQ.

14 June 2024, in Portsmouth. I saw Mike Sewart, the CTO of QinetiQ, present at a South West Regional Defence and Security Cluster (SWRDSC) event at Porton Science Park. What he said and the way he said it really resonated with me so, at the coffee break I grabbed a few minutes to tell him about my Park Life on Tour project. He agreed to […]


UK Gov Innovation Clusters Map

Statement from the Secretary of State for Science, Innovation, and Technology, Michelle Donelan, on the Innovation Clusters Map. This is the interactive map


Difference between innovation in Defence and private sector

Saw this interesting post on LinkedIn about the tensions between Defence (albeit he is talking from a US perspective and Silicon Valley) and the private sector when it comes to innovation culture, and trying to bring it from the hipster startup businesses to the more formal structured organisations within Defence.